Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Diet

April 19, 2012


Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Diet. From the first files with nutritional advice, Arnold already said that a person of average height need half a gram of protein per pound of body weight per day (equivalent to one gram per kilo), but that a bodybuilder should consume at least 2 grams per kg. The 70’s, and even before, he recommended animal protein sources such as eggs, fish, meat and dairy products, because they are the best sources of protein for bodybuilders.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Diet

…Arnold emphasized the importance of every meal as primary sources of vitamins and minerals in their diet, but also used vitamin and mineral supplements to maximize the amount ingested nutrition of these nutrients.

* Arnold took 6 meals per day during his career as a bodybuilder.
* Your daily diet plan the 70 consisted of 3 full meals 3 meals alternated with milder.
* The total intake of calories in times where he wanted to gain weight was 5000 calories per day, which offered 300 grams of protein.
* Protein shakes and other supplements nutrient compounds were always part of the nutritional plan Arnold, his favorite mix were 2 glasses of milk, 1 / 2 cup skim milk powder, egg and half cup of ice cream, and blended in the shaker, these protein drinks were often replaced by solid food.
* Consistency was the key nutritional eating plan Arnold.

The nutritional analysis of Arnold’s nutritional advice from the 70 still confer with the golden rules and recommend bodybuilders do today, and although Arnold had a solid understanding of nutritional science culture of the time, the most important was his instinct and power of observation.

Much of what we know today about nutrition was not widely known or recognized at the time, and many of the concepts of nutrition Arnold was questioned at the time, later proved to be true, in general terms of your diet and in their specifications, as well as protein intake and macronutrient ratios.

Arnold has always recognized the importance of nutrition in bodybuilding, but less detail compared to their advice for training. Nutrition can be the weakest link in many cultures, but this just was not for Arnold, he understood the basics of nutrition and efficiently took care of their daily food, but did not emphasize that aspect as many cultures do, or did it even when the issue was training.

* Perhaps this has happened because Arnold nutritional instincts automatically operated, ie, that it was natural for him and because he was so ahead of the other cultures of the time he decided not to focus a lot on their strategies nutrition in their books and interviews.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Diet…

The supplements are only supplements, Arnold always suplementava with protein, vitamins and minerals, but relied more on staple foods for most of their nutrients. Although their protein shakes at the time were different from those of today, the concept was the same.

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* Back to the days of Arnold, protein shakes tend to be unpalatable low-level powder that had to be mixed with foods such as milk, eggs and bananas, to improve the taste and especially its nutritional value.
* Shakes today contain a set of proteins of incredible quality and to the extent required to build muscles.
* Even so, Arnold believed in taking liquid protein shakes as a means of maximizing muscle building, but he was wrong on only a few things, Arnold understood the importance of fats, and even recommend good fat sources like nuts and healthy oils He also recommended mayonnaise, which contains high levels of saturated fat, but everything is relative when you train hard and grown unusually … Saturated fats are important for increasing levels of hormones such as testosterone, and its reputation of not being healthy or even prohibited for bodybuilders is beginning to change, although it is better in our understanding of the issue to maintain the current concepts, follow a few rules for maintain testosterone levels and use new supplements with natural ingredients that increase or maintain those levels of some important hormones for muscle growth.


Arnold nutritional planning the 70 was basic and accurate, even when we consider what we learn about sports nutrition since his time. In nutritional program only supplements lacked sophisticated, and this because they were not available, it does not exist.

Still, it is safe to say that no matter the time, no other competitor could have taken advantage of him, from the nutritional point of view. Arnold nutritional instincts, knowledge and application showed that he was the best in your nutrition program, regardless of the age in which he competed. Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Diet

“Training without eating the right foods is like plowing a field and not putting any seed into the ground. Nothing will be born there.”

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