Bodybuilding Diet Plan For Men – Tips and Techniques for Transformation

April 19, 2012


Bodybuilding diet plan for men

is generally different from those of women. That’s simply because men tend to have another goal with the appear of their bodies, as they wish to be big and muscular and even intimidating, whereas women desires definitions and a clean look.

We will in this article move through what bodybuilding diet plan can look like, both in terms of foods and the timing of it.

bodybuilding diet plan – Example

The following foods in the bodybuilding diet plan will be a combination of natural foods, as well as a few supplements that may be good to use occasionally.

The concentrate on the muscle building diet plan for men will be of gaining muscle mass.

100 gr of oatmeal
2 scoops of protein powder
400 ml of milk

-Meal 2:
1 may of tuna in water
200 gr of wholegrain bread
A few vegetables

-Meal 3:
Post workout shake with 2 scoops of protein
50 gr of carb or a banana

-Meal 4:
200 gr of chicken
200 gr of potatoes
And combined vegetables, including broccoli

-Meal 5:
200 gr of salmon
Combined Vegetables

-Meal 6:
50 gr of almonds or cashew nuts (non-roasted)

The above bodybuilding diet plan for men is just one example out of many. But what you ought to get out of it is that you could be as creative as you wish, as long as you hit the quantity of calories you are targeting.

And you also require about 1. 5 gr of protein per bodyweight and a good quantity of healthy fat and carbs.

We will now consider a few of the foods you can inside your bodybuilding diet plan for men.

bodybuilding diet plan for men – Foods

-bodybuilding diet plan #1 – Meat:

There are many of diverse meat sources, like chicken, red meat, fish etc. and they are all rich in proteins. Some would argue that chicken is preferred over meat due to the fewer quantity of saturated fat and that fish is better than chicken, due to the good amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

I would recommend that you simply include them all in your bodybuilding diet plan for men to have a variety.

-bodybuilding diet plan #2 – Nuts:

You ought to have a variety of nuts in your bodybuilding diet plan. Some terrific sources are almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts etc. Nuts are both a great source of protein as well as healthy fat.

-bodybuilding diet plan #3 – Yoghurt, cheese…:

Yoghurt and cheese are also excellent sources of protein in your muscle building diet plan . Yoghurt also contains the excellent bacteria’s which are great for your digestive system.

-bodybuilding diet plan #4 – Carbs:

You also require the proper kind of carbs in your bodybuilding diet plan . These can be the likes of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown bread, pasta, potatoes etc.

Follow the above tips and advice in your bodybuilding diet plan for men and you will build muscle mass like never before.

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