Does Fat Turn Into Muscle

April 18, 2012

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Does Fat Turn Into Muscle, Is it true that you can turn fat into muscle (or vice versa)? You’ve undoubtedly heard the myth of ignorance about how to shape and build muscle fast forever. Yes, you ever heard and unfortunately, you probably will not go anywhere in the short term. But believe me – we will not change fat into muscle, muscles also become fat.

In short, because of this. Fat than muscle, fat and muscle are not – they are two completely different substances and no one can be another (like an apple does not change to orange). Because both elements completely different, have a completely different cell structure. So if this is true – how can we be other reasons? They can not.

Does Fat Turn Into Muscle

So why does everyone feel it, then? Here are some reasons why I think so …

If a person is overweight and carrying excess fat, followed by a program to build muscle fast, so put some muscle mass. At the same time, you probably do some type of cardio burns calories, which leads to fat loss. When all is said and done, was to physics, because it is more defined muscular build muscle and lose fat. However, giving the appearance of a “fat into muscle.”

But let’s see the other side. They say the same people who allow their motivation fades. He stopped working as hard as him, and lets go with the meal. Because eating lots of junk food (not to mention probably still eat as many calories as you did before when you wanted to build muscle fast, no longer needs to be done), and he is working, his body began to change in opposite directions. Muscular atrophy (shrinkage), means you lose size. And because they ate more calories than you’re hot, you are fat.

For the uninitiated, it looks as if to leave her fat instead of muscle (as in the example above, it looks like he has changed his fat into muscle. And biologically, it is not possible.

In fact, the main reason people think that this myth is true, because those who have made dramatic changes in body composition that produces dramatic changes in their lives. People who lose fat and gain muscle quickly came to strengthen muscles, do cardio, change your diet, dramatic changes, etc = dramatic results.

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But people who have lost size and weight of work, but continue to eat big. But while the changes are not as dramatic as the last example, you can compare with the appropriate starting point. Do not compare to eat (after a stoppage of work) for what he did when he was training – in place, compared to what you should eat, like, sans work. Today’s diet looks like a dramatic change.

Does Fat Turn Into Muscle, Either way, fat is not the same muscles, do not turn into muscle, or vice versa.

The best advice is just be consistent (especially if you want to build muscle quickly). Get a weight training program well, do some kind of cardiovascular exercise or fitness, and maintaining a smart diet.

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