How Many Sets to Build Muscle Without Overtraining

April 20, 2012

Build Muscle

How Many Sets to Build Muscle?

This really is surprisingly an incredibly common question among individuals trying to build muscle. In my opinion that most people ask this question and expect to get a very straight forward response; however, that isn’t the situation. Many people get tied up in the “4 sets per workout” mind state that functions for some time but gradually forces your body to adapt and plateau. You observe, when it comes to building muscle, you ought to continue to add strain by raising the overall workload.

For instance, if you’re currently performing:
Bench Press
Set 1 – 135 pounds x 10 = Workload of 1350 pounds
Set 2 – 135 pounds x 10 = Workload of 1350 pounds
Set 3 – 155 pounds x 8 = Workload of 1080 pounds
Set 4 – 185 lbs x 6 = Workload of 1110 pounds
Your total workload was 4890 pounds.

How many sets to build muscle?

No, it’s not quite that easy. In order that your muscle mass to continue growing, you need to progressively add workload. So if the example above is your bench press workout, you have two choices.

1. Push a little harder utilizing the same weight to increase repetitions for more overall workload.

2. Simply add an additional set without sacrificing the current sets workload.

Now you know how many sets to build muscle right? Well, I guess theoretically you could just keep adding sets to your work out and eventually be performing 10 sets of 4-5 diverse exercises and spend 3 hrs in the gymnasium. But let’s be realistic, 3-5 sets per each work out ought to be more than sufficient. So don’t get too tied up into how many sets you ought to perform per work out, instead you should find out how many repetitions to build muscle based on your fitness goals. Once you’ve determined that, you can start your new regimen with 3 sets and slowly increase to about 4-5 sets and then begin concentrating on simply incorporating weight to increase overall workload.

One Last Observe:

If you are performing isolation workout routines for smaller muscle groups such as biceps, triceps, calves, and forearms, more than 3 sets per exercise may result inovertraining.

So now that you’re conscious of how many sets to build muscle, I really encourage you to look for a suitable exercise workout that you follow. If you are unaware of where to start.

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