I Want To Get Ripped

April 19, 2012

Get Ripped

I want to get ripped. ‘Ripped’ could mean various things for each person, however generally what people mean is they wish to MAINTAIN their own muscle mass and shed fat. This kind of makes the muscle mass you do have ‘appear’ much more defined, with an increase of shape and often even ‘look’ greater.

But the truth is, you’re basically reducing your weight (body fat) and also this causes all of the before described results. So, in achieving this you wish to be in a slightly negative calorie stability (which will therefore allow it to next to impossible to actually GAIN muscle mass). about 200-300 calories deficit each day from your every day caloric requirement ought to be more than sufficient, make sure you are getting enough protein every day (1. 2-1. 6grams per kg of body weight).

I Want To Get Ripped

In order to discover just how many kilograms you weigh divide your current body weight in lbs by 2. 2. And when you are lifting weights, you ought to be going for short rests (30-45sec) between sets, 3-4 sets per exercise, 10-12 and/or 12-16 reps per set (changing it from time to time is a great idea – in 4 week blocks – so for the first 4 weeks go 10-12reps, and the second 4 weeks 12-16reps per set).

Probably you’ll desire to be on a ‘split program’ which means you are working different muscle groups on consecutive days. A sample is DAY1 Chest, Shoulders and Tri’s DAY2 Back, Trapz, Bi’s, DAY3 Legs and Abs, DAY4 REST and Repeat. Keep in mind you’ll ‘technically’ be on a weight loss program, which supports cut body fat, so diet will be the number 1 component to stripping off the excess weight you want gone.

Use the diet tracker on this website to calculate how many calories you’ll need every day, and monitor exactly where your calories are coming from.

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