Muscle Building Routines and Body building Work outs

April 20, 2012

Build Muscle

Regardless of what level is always important to use appropriate muscle building routines to stimulate growth and improve your body. Benefit usually starts in almost all types of exercise, but intermediate and advanced bodybuilders require different types of stress in the tire development of new muscle. The activities should always be realistic and based on science, as the body reacts differently according to many factors.

Right to work

Beginners need a voltage of appropriate training program enough to promote growth and development of your muscles. Starts are very prone to overtraining, because their bodies are not familiar with anaerobic exercise. A good routine should not exceed 30 minutes per session. Session should only be between 2 to 4 times per week, depending on individual tolerance and recovery rates.

The main purpose of the work of rookie buildingThe muscles to increase energy and create a balance. People may consider themselves only starts when he worked for the first time or no more than 6 months. The intermediates came from 6 to 24 months. Advanced bodybuilders are constantly going to the gym for 2 years or more, no more than 3 weeks of vacation each year.

Training for beginners

To improve strength and balance of the upper and lower extremity strength, the principle should focus on compound movements and the use of weights, the bars should.

The major muscle groups should work, including the chest, back, legs and back. To work the chest, a beginner can do 1 to 2 basic exercises like bench press and bench press italics. Make 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 times per workout. The first column should be used as a warm up, so go light or simply lift uses a single bar. In the rear, making 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of bent rows and deadlifts. For legs, take 2 to 3 sets of squats for 12 to 15 reps and leg press. Shoulder or deltoid, make 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions of the military press.

Weight Law

Do not rush immediately to increase the weight until it is successful exercises with perfect form. Your muscles will work better if increases in full swing and the feeling of muscular pump during the contraction phase of the movement. Focus on the movement and feel the blood running.

The intermediate training

Intermediates can promote weight loss, and the formation of its emphasis on more muscle. In general, the mediator can make 2 to 4 exercises per body part, depending on your skills and tolerance. You can also enter a practice of movement away feeling better. You can also start training the small muscles such as triceps, biceps, abdomen, legs and arms.

Typical training

workoutsA common intermediate bodybuilding exercise are as follows: For the chest, do 3 x 12 bench press, 3 x 12 at an angle dumbbell press and 3 x 15 crossover cable.

Back, to 3 x 12 rows twisted, 3 x 12 dumbbell row and the arm of the machine 3 x 15 lat pull-down. For the legs, causing the 3 x 15 squats, 3 x 12 leg press and leg extension 3 x 15. For deltoids, 3 x 12 military press, dumbbell press 3 x 12 and 3 x 15 lateral raises. The medium muscle building routines also lets you use the machines and weights to feel the added muscle and pump.

Advanced muscle building activities

It is not uncommon for advanced bodybuilders experience occasional plateaus. During the plateau, growth seems to stop this individual might need to add an additional burden or increase healing during the program. You can return to the new program to help muscles recover more, because the muscles grow at rest and not work together.

An advanced routine looks like:


3 x 10 at an angle dumbbell press, 3 x 10 bench press, 3 x 10 parallel bar dips, 3 x 15 crossover cable


3 x 10 deadweight, 3 x 10 lat pulldown machine 3 x 10 rows of wire seated, 3 x 12 dumbbell one arm row


3 x 15 squats, 3 x 12 leg press, 3 x 15 extensions of the leg, the leg is bent 3 x 12


Military press 3 x 12 3 x 10 dumbbell press, the vertical rows of 3 x 10 3 x 10 improve the lateral


3 x 10 barbell curls, concentration curls 3 x 12, 3 x 10 cable pushdown triceps bench dips 3 x


Increase of 3 x 20 twins sitting, 3 x 15 increased following the calf


3 x 15 Reverse barbell curls, wrist curls 3 x 12


3 x 15 shrugs with bar

Whatever your level, always doing some type of cardio to keep your heart rate, boosting your metabolism and burn fat Anda.

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