The Best Way To Get Ripped In 90 Days

April 20, 2012

Get Ripped

If you are looking for the best way to get ripped in 90 days or less then you will need to follow a perfect plan to get you there. A proven plan that has all the elements carefully laid out for you so that you can just follow the map and end up at your destination. Losing body fat and getting lean isn’t rocket science and there are certainly simple rules that you must adhere to if you want to see best way to get ripped and striations in your muscles. If you have only have 35 pounds or less to lose you can definitely see your abs in 90 days following this plan.

Use full body workouts 3 days a week that use complex multiple joint exercises. The best way to put this workout routine together is by using supersets of opposing muscle groups like pushing and pulling or lower body with upper body. Resting very little in between sets forces your body to use immense amounts of oxygen forcing an incredible amount of fat to be burned after the workout itself. These high intensity supersets doing 10 to 15 reps per set will light your muscles on fire stimulating them to grow while burning fat by capitalizing on an increased metabolism rather than a low calorie diet. This is how it is possible to burn fat and gain muscle mass at the same time.

The best way to get ripped in 90 days is…

…using an exercise plan like this without cutting calories if you eat very specific foods throughout the day. Each meal should consist of a high quality low fat protein like chicken, lean beef, or eggs and should have some fibrous vegetables on the side. You can eat as many fibrous vegetables as you want which is the best way to get ripped fast without cutting calories. Add some healthy fats to your meal like olive oil, fish oil, or flax and you have created the perfect meal that will digest slowly giving your body sustained energy. With the slow digestion and lack of fast burning carbs your body will be forced to draw energy from fat stores at the same time. This is the magic of getting ripped without cutting calories. It’s all about the meal composition and workouts.

If you want the best way to get ripped in 90 days then the best way is to follow a plan that is already laid out for you so that you don’t have to play a guessing game and make mistakes. The best fat loss plans take all of these rules into play so that you keep a high and healthy metabolism which allows you to stay lean and ripped after the fat loss program is over. Get on a plan and get lean and ripped today!

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