The Secrets Of Building Chest Muscles In Record Time

April 18, 2012


Building Chest Muscles. Back in the early days of bodybuilding in the seventies and eighties for all bodybuilders who says to train the chest 2 times a week and some, like Arnold, he told us to train our muscles in the chest three times a week.

Now everyone knows it’s ridiculous to take steroids unless there is absolutely no chance that the chest muscles may be able to recover fast enough to get the size or strength if you train two or three times a week. You have to train the chest muscles or other important muscles for a week and once a week once!

When training the chest muscles are very passionate and chest press harder it will take about three days for muscles to recover one or two days for the entire growth process takes place and then we want to increase 2 – 3 days after chest muscle that has just started to relax so that shocks the hell the next exercise.

Building Chest Muscles

Steroids will be a chest muscle recovery time in half and that is why all the top bodybuilders training chest twice a week and qualify here. In addition to taking steroids all intelligent people are too genetically. For the purposes of this tutorial in chest is assumed that construction is not taking steroids, your muscles are not unusual genetics.

What chest exercises to quickly build the chest …

Another myth is that once were taught to build your chest muscles to do the bench press and lots of it. It is also ridiculous statement, as if now all the builders above.

The muscle is therefore one of two things, which can contract or relax. The chest muscles do not know what you’re doing bench press, dumbbell fly, or a crossover cable and chest muscles do not care. The important thing is to beat the crap out of your chest muscles by doing. This will stimulate the growth response of security.

Hell beat your chest is the best and fastest way to stimulate the growth of the answer you want.

What if the chest exercises produced greater stimulation of growth?

There are three ways of knowing.

# 1: Know how you feel when doing chest exercises? You will see that when working the chest, where the practice occurs more intense response and muscle contraction in the chest more muscle than any other sport.

# 2: Once the chest workout to say one or two hours later as the payment of the chest muscles? You will learn the difference between the exercise has done a great response and to do so.

# 3: How do you feel in your chest the next day? When you see a chest of gold to put into practice the next day you feel pain at all. That is a strong indication that it would be the response to exercise your muscle growth.

Building chest exercises are ideal for you is that it feels more intense, while the work your chest, your chest feels weak and noodly one or two hours later, and make your chest muscles sore as hell the next day.

Find a chest exercise that the three things and you will find a magic formula to make the large muscles in the breast as soon as possible without drugs.

Find the perfect workout for the chest, since only train chest once a week, it is likely that all take up to two months. You really want to find the best training for the chest DOS. Here is a list of training in the chest.

Choose a new one every week until you have all tried in practice. From the list below choose the two best for you.

Court Press

Incline Bench Press

Decline bench press


Dumbbell fly

Incline dumbbell fly

Cable Crossover

Flat cables flying bank

Pec deck butterflies

If you are unsure about how to perform a movement of the above then visit the YouTube channel of great video on how to do chest exercises so.

Ok so now 9 weeks and have gone through if you try new exercises from the list each week. You have two of the best chest exercises selected. Now you need to know …

How much do I have to configure each of the two chest exercises to build my chest muscles fast?

Now you have to choose two favorite training his chest in the list of nine. Two to choose one of the most effective. No exercise for 4 in the first and second sets of other exercises for 3 sets. That’s a total of 7 games that makes the whole breast with success.

How do two exercises for the chest of a real weakness of the chest muscle building exercises

During the first two games of his chest exercise first, choose a weight you can do 10-12 reps if you go all out and train hard. For the first set of 8 repetitions. For his second set of 10 repetitions. In other words, if you are at the level of exercise intensity on a scale of 1-10 for the first set to do 6 and its second line of about 8.

The third group is where the magic (you know the “magic” France is hell?). For his third game you want to increase their weight so that when you go all you can barely get 6 reps. For the third set to go all out and when I say everyone I mean the intensity scale of 10!

The way you do when you reach the rep # 6 and you can not do it again to keep moving for partial weight, even if they are only able to move the weight a few inches just to maintain weight. If the press and bench press or incline of the court that you need an assistant.

Keep doing this as long as you can stand it. It’s rough and it was hell, but it is an important group to stimulate muscle growth in the breast or not.

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Make sure it is!

If not, you’ve wasted your time in the gym and when I wrote it.

For its fourth and final set of his first training in the chest back the weight you used during the first 2 sets. Due to the way that destroys the muscles in the chest at the end of the game can only get about 8 or more repetitions.

For the last series of exercises that train hard, but not as the last series. The intensity of the last series that should be 9 or 10. To adjust the intensity of his room about 7 or 8. Only until you can do now, not partial or anything.

The amount of rest between sets of exercises for the building chest muscles of his first year?

For the first chest workout to perform high-intensity exercise with a heavy weight so you want a fairly long break between sets, 3-5 minutes rest between each set. You want to ensure that full recovery between sets so you can use as much weight as possible.

Now do three sets of exercises are most effective second building / favorite chest

For your second workout, use a weight you can do 80-10 reps 80-10 reps and. The intensity level of three sets must be 7 or more. Rest time between sets is a little lower because the goal is perfectly flush and fill the chest muscles with blood as much as possible. This will help eliminate the buildup of waste products from the third series of the first trial. Rest periods between sets for the second practice is 2-3 minutes.

Now he has done some muscle builders never aspire.

1. You are training your chest with the right frequency, 1 hour per week.

2. Have you seen the ideal of a 2 in the chest deep, stimulating muscle growth training workout

3. That will make a fine of two chest exercises training both of your breasts.

When before having to add more columns in my chest workout?


This is the biggest mistake in the gym. To continue to make profits and avoid the press of a cliff you have to do two things:

Make the third line of its first year of higher yan said the last time you finish your total of 6 reps, after its current 10 part 12 part.

As you increase the strength and number of repetitions you can do is go to start adding more weight. So let’s say that the latest work of three sets of bench press first exersize for 8 reps and then through his part. (Note that repetition is ideal for setting # 3 is full, 6 partial reps) weight training adds about 5% more for the exercise is to bring the weight up to 210 pounds.

Note that the training system to do things that surprise the muscles are not necessary because only training the muscles of the chest or other body part once a week.

Take the first 5 days or more of the muscles to heal and then add a little more to gain strength and muscle size. Sixth and seventh day has just begun to relax the muscles so that when we struck again on day 8 (or day 1 after next week) but to do it again after waiting a whole week was a surprise to the muscles.

That’s the beauty of the training system of muscle. Now covers all the bases from all angles.

Secret building chest muscles as fast as your genetics will allow:

1. Spend the next 10 chest exercises (10 weeks) to determine which of the two most intense exercise for you. Forget what others tell anyone. Only you can determine your breasts move package in muscle mass quickly. Of the two favorites of your choice to decide which one is your favorite.

2. Do 4 sets of your favorite exercises and 3 of the second breast. The first two series of moderate-intensity exercise-# 1 to be ready to bust set # 3 The most extreme of all joint Exercise # 3 # 1.

An important element is that NO food and cover half the battle in building muscle mass chest muscles or other muscles.

As for foods that covers only the basics here. As the practice of proper diet to allow the maximum amount of muscle growth are:

Eat several (4 or 5) small to medium food. By eating more often to maintain a continuous supply of protein in the blood during the day. Thus, when the muscles need to grow.

As for what to eat. Forget the calories in volume of waste. Another thing that is between 70 and 80. All that is going to add more fat in your diet means having a big waist and a full NOTHING to do with the quality of building strong muscles in the chest or other parts of your body. Make your diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, moderate and low in fat. The best and easiest way to do this is to increase the 500 ways to cook fish and chicken. Both proteins are very compact and low-fat. For carbohydrates … fruits and vegetables.

What if I want to build big muscles? What if I just get toned?

This is a question and a common response to keep doing the same work exactly as I said in this article. Buildin Muscle increase muscle mass. The reason why someone seems a bit tight and powerful is the one you just add a little muscle mass.

Slightly increase your muscle size is what creates the visual effect of bodies in the chest tight or tense. The only difference is that when one reaches the level of development as the only thing you can put a whole different level of intensity # 3 Exercise # 1 on the intensity level of 9 to 10 and drop to 7 or 8. So only 6 reps need to go to partial muscle rather than later.

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