What To Eat To Get Ripped – The Best Workout Diet So You Get Jacked in Less Time

April 19, 2012

Get Ripped

what to eat to get ripped? Everyone knows that obtaining the body you desire isn’t just about workouts; it’s about what you put in your body too. What meals or food mixtures will make you appear your best? What nutrients or food kinds are the best for you? When trying of what to eat to get ripped, there are 2 things to which attention must be paid. 1st, make sure you meticulously select WHAT to eat to get ripped, and then you must be persistent and very careful about WHEN you eat those meals. Acknowledge that tuna is an excellent source of protein is all well and good, but putting that protein into your body at the wrong time during your work out regimen can negate its effectiveness. If you want to eat to get ripped, you must meticulously monitor your food intake.

Protein is the 1st stop if you want to eat to get ripped. Eat lots of it. Include a source of protein with every meal. Fish, eggs, meat, some dairy, and protein powders are all good sources of protein. Be careful if you opt to use a synthetic protein source. Some engineered proteins are very difficult to digest, and the body will store them as body fat since it is not able to break them down. Reduce carbohydrate, especially in the form of processed white breads, processed pastas, or sugar. Take time to look for shops that have whole grain breads and other complex carbohydrates. You may also reduce your overall calorie consumption, but do this with extreme care. Lowering your calories will of course help you lose weight, but that isn’t the same as eating to get ripped. Losing weight will help you get rid of fat, but if you dip too quickly, your body will think that it’s starving and your brain will tell you to eat more. Your body will then store whatever body fat it can because it thinks it is in emergency mode. Reduce your calories very carefully and include a disciplined exercise regimen to really get ripped at home.

Now that you know…

what to eat to get ripped

…when you eat becomes extremely important. Instead of consuming three meals a day, try five or six small meals, spread out over your waking hours. Ensure that you eat your last high protein meal at least two hours before bed and have your last portion of carbohydrate at least 4 hours before bed. Food that is still processing in the stomach when you attend sleep will often be deposited as body fat, instead of being broken down and voided. So, there you’ve the basic principles for your eat to get ripped diet. Now start eating, just don’t do it right before bed.

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